Choosing off-campus housing shouldn't be as tough as choosing your major.


That's why we founded SPA Properties. As three College of Business graduates from Appalachian State University, we recognize the growing need for affordable student housing close to campus. Our long-term rental homes are equipped with many amenities to ensure your off-campus lifestyle is easy & enjoyable. We welcome ASU & Caldwell Community College students to explore our student housing!

How to Secure Your Home for Next Year

1) Get your group together! - The first step to your new home starts by filling out applications.

2) Take a step closer with an on-site tour.

3) This place is awesome! - Now, get your parent or legal guardian on board.

4) Security First! - Pay your security deposit electronically through Cozy.

5) Welcome to the digital age! - Have your parent or legal guardian electronically complete the Guaranty of Lease form.

6) Signed, Sealed & Delivered! - All members of your group electronically sign the Lease Agreement.